Autoclave Rental Service - Weekly & Monthly

Medicanix table-top Autoclave and Sterilizer Rental program is a month to month rental. This means the renter is not tied any contract for a fixed period, this is not a lease or 3 or 5 year finance package. We own and maintain the autoclave – you use it for a monthly rental fee.

Why Rent? Renting an autoclave offers you freedom to upgrade or change your mind at any time without penalty or ending up with an article of capital equipment that you need to get rid of if you were to move or retire. In the event the sterilizer breaks down or needs repair: Medicanix simply swaps it out with another working autoclave which offers no surprising, alarming, exorbitant repair charges that you weren’t in the budget.

Medicanix rental autoclaves are hassle free and you can safely know that you can cancel the rental at any time. Medicanix supports its rental services with brands or table top sterilizers such as: Midmark, Pelton & Crane and Tuttnauer.

• No capital outlay, no depreciation.
• No servicing costs.
• No breakdown charges.
• No hassle.

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