Dental Air Compressor Maintenance & Repair

Emergency dental air compressor loaner service while preforming a repair is an excellent way that Medicanix can keep your dental practice running during an air compressor malfunction.
Dental Air compressors tolerate long hours of use and the air compressor is a vital part of the dental office equipment, unless the practice has a back-up air compressor, the entire dental practice comes to a standstill if the air compressor stops working.

If your air compressor is not working, we at Medicanix respond as quickly as we can to either repair the problem or provide a loaner air compressor so your practice can resume to normal and you can get back to treating your patients. Often these dental air compressor emergencies can be avoided by simply scheduling a (PM Service) or planned maintenance service for your air compressor on a regular semiannual schedule with Medicanix. During these dental air compressor maintenance visits Medicanix checks the various symptoms which may lead to equipment malfunction such as: the amp draw, the oil levels, drain the tank of it’s condensation and check for leaks that may cause the compressor to run overtime.

Other common dental air compressor problems that occur could be faulty check valves, leaky tanks or overpressure valves, a bad pressure switch or even a replacement compressor head may be needed, all of which Medicanix and supply and replace when faulty. Call today for a price for Medicanix to a maintenance service of you mechanical dental equipment not only for your dental air compressor but also your suction pump and amalgam separator. Please be sure you located within our service area prior to placing a service call.