Biomedical & Electrical Safety Inspections

Bio-Medical Inspections are most commonly done in Nursing Homes, Out-Patient & Plastic Surgery Centers or Larger Medical Groups that conform to either state, or accredited organizations such as JCHACO, AAAASF, AAAHC or the State’s Health Department Agency New York, Connecticut or New Jersey.

Medicanix sets the standards in the industry by giving our inspected equipment its own bar coded control number label. This not only saves time and costs on all future inspections, but it also helps our customers keep track of their equipment and relate it to the written report. All equipment information; model, serial number, equipment type, and test data is recorded and given a control number.

A label with the control number and its barcode is put on the equipment. This not only reduces all future inspection time immensely, but also provides our customers with a data record of their own equipment. An Electrical Safety Inspection is an onsite inspection where all cord-connected medical