Lab & Veterinary Centrifuge Repair

For centrifuge repair and service and loaner centrifuge service, Medicanix services both large and small centrifuges. Not only does Medicanix have access to replacement parts for many different centrifuge makes and models we also preform onsite calibration check and can adjust the speeds and calibration of some of the centrifuges.

During a calibration Medicanix can ensure that the centrifuges preset selections for blood (1700 RPM) (Urine 2600 RPM) are spinning accurately. It is also important to ensure that your centrifuge is balanced right so that extra ware is not put in the motor. You may find that your centrifuge is breaking the micro-hemoacrit tubes in which case your tube cushions may need replacing.
A common problem with centrifuges is centrifuge motors that have brushes get worn out or get hung up so that the motor will not spin when started. These are items that you could have maintained during a preventive maintenance service so you can avoid equipment down time prior to an equipment malfunction.

If you are currently experiencing a problem with your centrifuge or your need a Centrifuge calibration or certification and you are located with-in Medicanix service area call for expert service today.