Onsite Service for Dental Lights

Emergency dental light repair. When your dental light goes out and you’ve tried replacing the bulb and it still does not work or your light only stays on in a certain position – then what?
Medicanix offers both onsite dental light repair and free dental light loaner service for dental lights that may need more of an extensive repair such as an light arm rewiring or if a part is needed to be ordered. Do not wait and put your practice down an operatory – ask Medicanix for a free loaner. We know that your dental light is a main piece dental equipment that is needed to treat your patients.

We have access to parts for Pelton Crane, Marus, Adec, Ritter Dental Eze dental light and many other brands. You can also let us help you source the right bulb, light reflector that fits your dental light.

Loaner Dental Light Service
Socket Replacement
Reflector Replacement
Bulb Replacement
Light Arm Rewiring
Ceiling and Track Light Repairs
Ceiling Light Installs
Custom Light Post Mounts
Rapid Service
Expert Service