Dental Suction Pump Repair Service & Maintenance

Emergency dental Suction Pump repair and maintenance services. When your dental suction pump goes down your dental practice stops. What can be more frustrating or even at times panicky than turning away your patients due to an equipment malfunction such as a broken down suction pump. Medicanix offers both onsite dental light repair and free loaner suction pumps while pumps that may need more of an extensive repair such as motor replacement or if a part is needed to be ordered you can still work.

Medicanix can service both dry suction units as well as wet suction pumps and services New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Do not wait and put your practice down – ask Medicanix for a free loaner. We have access to parts for many of the main pump manufactures such as Dental Eze, Apollo/Midmark, Air Techniques, Ram Vac, and more. Let us help today – or schedule a planned maintenance done to avoid future headaches and emergency dental suction pump repairs.