26 Hospital lab sterilizer service

Being based in Stamford CT compromises us an excellent location for providing Hospitals and Surgery centers with field service for New York City, Western Long Island, all of Connecticut, Southern New York State and Northern New Jersey.

Medicanix has over 30 plus years’ experience in providing on-site technical support for industrial washing, sterilization and surgical equipment with preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, installation service support, and equipment modifications.

Medicanix experienced technicians are excellent at troubleshooting, maintaining, repairing, rebuilding and refurbishing industrial washing, sterilization and surgical equipment. We can perform preventive maintenance and work on multiple different manufacturer’s equipment such as Getinge / Castle, Steris / AMSCO, Consolidated, Tuttnauer, Primus and more.

Our wide scope of service in the sterilization and decontamination equipment includes, autoclaves, washers, cart washers, blanket warmers, endoscope washers, sterilizers, surgery tables and lights.

We ensure our customers are guaranteed satisfaction with pro-active communication and dedication to what we do and our customer’s equipment performance issue or problem. Utilize our rapid response team and our proactive service schedule.

We have multiple years’ experience working on Getinge/Castile, AMSCO/Steris Consolidated/Stills and Sterilizers sterilization and washing equipment.

Some different types of Hospital/Lab Sterilization equipment we work on are:

  • Autoclaves/ Sterilizers
  • Blanket Warmers
  • Cage and Rack Washers
  • Endoscope Washer
  • Glassware Washers
  • Surgical Equipment – Lights and Tables
  • Steam Generators