Medical Table Upholstery & Refurbishing Services

Medicanix medical exam table upholster services for dermatology tables, podiatry chairs, rehabilitation and physical therapy platform tables, chiropractic tables, optometry and plastic surgery chairs or tables and dental chairs. Factory quality work and multiple color selection.

We can match colors, and use custom materials. 30 years of experience recovering many different makes and models. Being a medical table repair company you can rest assured that your table will be fully functional after it is disassembled and reassembled. Some of the upholstery services Medicanix can provide are:

- Complete Replacement Tops – for Most of the Midmark/Ritter Tables

- On-Site Upholstered top replacement

- Mini-Minimum or often No Downtime

- Multiple Color Options to Choose from

- Custom Jobs for many Makes & Models

Please choose one of our color options:

Options for Custom Jobs
Replacement Top Upholstery Color Options

Medicanix knows that downtime of your table is critical that is why we order in the material beforehand and offer a 1-2 day downtime for custom jobs – we pick you your tabletop at the end of the day and deliver it back the morning 2 days later – that way you are only down your tabletop one working day.