Veterinary Microscope Cleaning & Repair

Medicanix microscope service, repair and cleaning. Have a problematic microscope? Medicanix can help. We can service and repair almost any kind of microscope and we stock common replacement parts such as eye pieces, objectives and replacement bulbs.

We also have access to parts for many of the common brands such as Leica, Accu-Scope, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss, Swift, Labomed and National Optical. If we need to bring your microscope back to our repair center, we can supply you with a loner microscope while yours is being repaired.

Let our technicians help restore your microscope back to its original factory condition.

Our microscope service includes:
• Clean & lubricate all moving parts
• Remove, clean, check, and parfocal all optical components
• Insure proper alignment
• Check electrical system
• Test focus for clarity

Many Veterinarians, medical labs and medical offices all around New York, Connecticut and New Jersey all benefit from Medicanix microscope service and many other services Medicanix provides. If you need repairs, let us fix your trouble.