Medicanix provides the New York Area with the best surgical table repair and maintenance solutions. If it a simple table repair on-site or a comprehensive table rebuild in our shop. We have trained technicians that can work on a large variety of tables that may vary from age or different manufacturers like Skytron, Amsco, Ritter, Shampaine, Maquet and more. We also work on C-Arm Tables with brands such as Biodex, Oakworks, Stille, G.E. and more. To avoid unnecessary downtime and unexpected repair have Medicanix preform a preventive maintenance semi- annual or even annually.

Although surgical tables are generally built very well and made to hold up to heavy use they do tend to wear out with age. However a new or even a refurbished table can be a large capital purchase and often out of the budget at the time the table starts to show its age. An operating table malfunction that happen when preforming a surgery also comes with serious costs and what good is an operating room that is out-of-service because of a non-functional table?

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