Surgical Light Repair Services

Medicanix Exam, procedure, and surgery light Repair Service. Is your Exam light giving you trouble? Let us take a look – Medicanix has been servicing exam and surgery lights for Surgery Centers and Veterinarians around New York City for more than 30 years.

Our trained technicians can provide sameday on-site service for exam light. We service both Minor Exam Lights as well as Major Operating Room and Procedure room lights. We also can preform complete Exam light rewiring jobs. Our technicians carry common replacement parts for some of the main brands like Midmark/Ritter, Burton, Medical Illumination and Skytron and Amsco light brands.

Plus, we have access to bulbs, sockets and parts for many other makes and models of medical and veterinary lights. We also sell refurbished and install new lights. Even if you are setting up a new office and need help hanging a ceiling mounted light call us today, and let us fix your trouble.