Physical Therapy Treadmill Repair & Maintenance

Having a good repair and maintenance company for servicing the Treadmill in a physical therapy office is important to have quick access to. The treadmill is a vital piece of equipment that the physical therapy or cardiology practice can’t afford to be without long.

That is why it is good practice to have Medicanix preform preventive maintenance services on your treadmill semi-annual or annually to inspect parts of the treadmill that could be getting worn such as: walking belts and platforms, roller bearings and motor inspections. For cardiology treadmills check out our webpage on stress test systems or Cardiology repair services.
Medicanix service technicians can service many makes and models of treadmills such as:

• Landice
• Life Fitness
• NordicTrack
• Startrac

Wherever you happened to purchase your treadmill we can repair. Schedule your treadmill service appointment by calling 1-800-937-3724 today.