Description: Pelton Crane Validator 8 Refurbished Autoclave/Sterilizer 8″ Diameter x 15″ Chamber Used Pelton Crane Autoclave Sterilizer

Price: $2,050.00 for Validator 8 Plus or Delta 8
Price: $1,800.00 for the Standard Validator 8

Please Note: Validator Plus 8 Plus /Delta 8 units feature closed door drying where as the standard Validator unit do not.


Chamber Size: 8 ” W x 15 ” D
Outside Dimensions: 23 1/2 ” L x 20 ” W x 13 1/2 ” D
Electric Input 120 V. 50/60 Hz
Start-Up Time to 273F (134 C) 10-13 minutes warm

Product Features:

The unit has four automatic pre- programmed sterilization settings allow you to select the appropriate cycle according to type of load and one customized program you can customize it according to your needs. Variable timed drying cycle saves time by giving operator the flexibility to set drying time according to load size.
Automatic shut-off
Automatic venting system
Unique “Pressure locking” door design, provides maximum safety
90 Day Warranty

5 Refurbished Pelton crane Validator plus