Description: Pelton Crane OCR Refurbished Autoclave/Sterilizer 10″ Diameter x 18″ Chamber

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The Pelton & Crane OCR tabletop Autoclave Sterilizer is known as the “old faithful”. These units were manufactured for years by Pelton and Crane and known for their reliability. When they are well maintained they will last forever. The Pelton & Crane OCR Sterilizer has a 10″ x 18″ chamber. Many replacement parts are readily available from both the manufacturer and other aftermarket sources. This unit is ideally suited for surgery and veterinary practices and other specialty practices.

• 10X18 Chamber
• 2 trays
• 120 volt
• Table top
• Manuel operation
• 90 day Warranty

4 Refurbished Pelton Crane OCR