Space Saving System

This wall-mounted, battery-operated system is revolutionary in its ultra-compact, low-profile design and can be installed almost anywhere in an office-based surgery center. Its body is only 14″ wide and mounts flush-on or between wall studs 16″ O.C. It’s mounting flanges can be relocated to r educe protrusion from the wall to as little as four and a half inches, allowing the system to be mounted out of the way behind doors or in utility closets. This system uses no floor space whatsoever.

Instant Activation

The SILENT SENTRY™ is a complete system, including batteries. An integral automatic transfer switch allows the system to activate instantly and automatically recharge for 24/7 protection if required. It connects to supply-power either by hardwiring or via a standard extension cord. This means it may not require an electrician to install and can be recharged by cord-connecting or hard-wiring to any outlet, generator or alternate power source. We call it the “uninteruptable subpanel”.

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