How to get a Medical Equipment Repair Estimate for FREE:

Have Your Equipment Details

(Make, Model & Serial Number) In order to provide you with a Medical Equipment Repair Estimate we must have all the equipment information. We much have the Make (manufacturer), Model and the serial number. You usually can find this information on the equipment’s name plate.

Descripe the Problem

You will need to describe the problem you are experiencing, you must clearly be able to describe the problem you are experiencing. Detail the location of the problem if necessary. Example: if you’re medical table is leaking oil, tell us where on the table the oil is coming from. Or if your patient monitor or sterilizer is giving you an error code we will need to know what the code is.

Send us some Photos

A picture can offer 1000 words. By submitting some photos we sometimes and even identify what part is broken, that may need replacing and know what parts may be needed.

Give us the Equipment Location

Tell the equipment’s location, this will help us discern how long it will take us to travel to the job site. Sometimes we will not only need the address but also need to know if it is located in a larger facility like a medical center or a hospital.

Include your Contact Info:

Company Name, Your email, Phone and Fax. If we have any further questions we will like need to reach you. Also indicate if your facility requires a PO and inform us if your billing details are different than the equipment location.

Fill and Submit to get a Free Estimate now!

So how does it work?

Medical Equipment Repair

Medicanix is an independent, family-owned medical equipment repair company. Providing service to both large and small organizations with our biomedical expertise.

Dental Equipment Repair

Medicanix Dental Service Technicians facilitate quick efficient equipment repairs for the Fairfield and Westchester county areas.

Veterinary Equipment Repair

Medicanix experienced veterinary technicians service and repair the extensive array of veterinary medical equipment.

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