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Dental Air Compressor

Dental Autocalve

Just like your patients teeth needing a once a year cleaning, so does your dental equipment need maintenance.  Medicanix offers a simple annual preventive maintenance program for the 3 most vital and problematic equipment every dental office has, the Air Compressor, the Suction Pump and the Autoclave:

Dental Air Compressor Maintenance

The micron filter should be replaced annually.  Clogged air filters will decrease the air pressure in the office and add strain to the air compressor causing it to work harder.  While preforming a planned maintenance visit Medicanix will replace the sediment filters.

Oil changes are vital for the longevity of an air compressor.  Although many of the newer dental air compressors are oil-less, there are still some offices running off oil compressor heads.  Just like changing the oil in your car or lawn mower the oil in your air compressor is just as vital and if not attended to it will result in a seized compressor head.  A compressor oil change is a standard part of Medicanix Dental office planned maintenance services.

Draining the Condensation out of the air compressor is something that needs to be periodically done. Over time condensation will condense in the compressors tank.  If this moisture is not attended to and drained out, it will end up getting forced out of the tank and into your equipment, headpieces and patient’s mouths.  This will result in equipment failures, damage hand piece drills, and unsterile conditions for your patient.

The compressor’s air inlet filter/muffler periodically needs replaced or cleaned.  A clogged inlet filter will cause the compressor head to overwork and cause insufficient airflow to the compressor head which will result if extra strain on the motor windings.

Dental Suction Pump Maintenance

You may recall that dreaded task of replacing the collection canister screen on your dental suction pump?  Well, let Medicanix handle this for you during your next PM Service visit.  A clogged collection canister will not only strain the pump but it will cause the suction in the office to be weak.

Replacing and disposing of the amalgam separator collection cartridge. This is the pesky task that none of your staff looks forward to.  Medicanix includes this as part of its dental office preventive maintenance service.

Dental Sterilizer and Autoclave Maintenance

Have Medicanix Check out your Dental Autoclave and give it a proper cleaning & calibration.  Autoclaves have filters which clog, and gaskets which wear out, and while attending to these maintenance tasks Medicanix will also check for proper temperature and pressures, leaks, sufficient amperage, and give the sterilizer a reservoir cleaning.

Smaller high speed sterilizers such as SciCan Statum units have dry pump filters which need replaced, check valves which fail and leaky cassette seals, all of which Medicanix will overhaul during a planned maintenance visit.

For Pricing and availability call Medicanix and schedule your Dental Equipment Annual Maintenance Service today.  We will put you in our service log to remind you every year for peace of mind.