Trying to get rid of used medical and dental equipment can be more challenging than you might realize.

Items such as used x-ray equipment, need disposed of properly. Panoramic and some older x-ray systems are heavy requiring dis-assembly. Medicanix can help with this.

Old medical tables are also not easily moved and can spill oil when they are moved. Ceiling mounted examination lights that are installed and wired into the building can be tricky. Other equipment such as dental units that are connected to service lines will need to be capped off after they are removed.

In most cases equipment suppliers are not interested in offering anything for trade in, they mostly want to charge for removing the old equipment that they are replacing. Also doctors do not like to have much down time while their equipment is getting replaced, this is where Medicanix can help.

If the equipment needing disposed of holds any value, Medicanix may offer cash for it. If the resale value is not substantial but the equipment is still worth something, it is possible that we then can take if off your hands for free. Sometimes really old equipment does need to be removed for a fee.

The location, size, and weight and resale value will effect whether you may, or may not, be able to get any cash for your equipment. To find this out take some photos and email them to: along with the office location and if there are any obstructions that will be needed to be taken account at the location of such as steps.