Our Services Include:

Medicanix Provides expert onsite equipment service, and has provided years quality service to over 2500 different clients in and around the New York area.

Our location on I-95 in Stamford CT, enables us to provide Rapid response for providing on-site service to medical offices extending from the northern counties of New Jersey, Orange County NY eastward to the Connecticut River valley and northward to Massachusetts, and the Hudson valley cities of Poughkeepsie and Kingston, and southward to New York City and Long Island.

Free Loaner Equipment has been one of our hallmarks of our service. Having a considerable fleet of loaner equipment such as table-top sterilizers, ultrasonic-, electro-, thermal-, and hydrotherapy units, microscopes, film processors, anesthetic vaporizers, dental lights, compressors, vacuum pumps, even hydraulic examination tables. The synergism of getting the medical office up and running quickly and the advantage of a roomy workshop where that cannot be repaired on-site can be more thoroughly tested than is possible in the field and then delivered back, has been a winning combination for Medicanix and their clients.

Knowledgeable Technicians Medicanix has based its technician training on sound engineering principles taught in-house by our resident engineer and factory tutorials. Medicanix’s policy is to constantly strive toward technical excellence.

Unconditional Service Warrantee Medicanix has always warranted the work done on any service job without any time limit. This means that the work itself is unconditionally warranted to be correctly completed.