Our Services Include:

One the many services Medicanix offers is the repair and servicing of dental equipment for Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County, NY.

We have ability to provide loaner service for dental equipment such as: dental suction pumps, air compressors, x-ray film processors, and Autoclaves. With our access to many dental part suppliers, such as Adec, Pelton & Crane, Marus, DCI, Dental Eze, Midmark, and Cavitron, making replacement and reinstallation of parts is easy and affordable.

We also offer a Preventive Maintenance service to help keep your practice running smoothly and help avoid costly emergency repairs. Whether your problem is a leaky unity, a malfunctioning dental light, cracked cuspidor or a stuck water syringe, we can help.

Don’t let malfunctioning equipment hold up your practice; let us fix your trouble.
Call today for rates or download our Dental Equipment Repair Brochure.