Are you in need of getting your autoclave repaired? Be sure to look for quality and reliability when it comes to autoclave repair. Planing on maintenance or need to purchase some replacement parts? Our objective is to help you feel comfortable in purchasing decisions when it comes to sterilizer maintenance contracts.

How to Get Your Autoclave Repaired

Repairing autoclaves is something Medicanix knows a lot about with much experience. For year’s physicians, veterinarians, dental practices, labs and hospitals and clinics utilize Medicanix Biomedical for the best sterilizer repairs.

When working in a time sensitive medical environment, a broken sterilizer is unendurable. Sterilization equipment failing are not completely avoidable, which is why Medicanix has to be on its game and provide fast repairs with loaner services that you can trust when problems arise.

Having trained technicians that can help diagnose and troubleshoot problems quicker. When an autoclave repair drags out to be sure your service provider can offer you a free autoclave loaner like Medicanix does.
It is also good practice to use a company that has the ability to also offer new or refurbished sterilizers, this way you might get a better deal on the repair estimate cost if you decide to change course and wants to purchase something new, upgrades or a refurbished sterilizer.

Why do Autoclaves need planned maintenance?

Often sterilizers have to come into our workshop to undergo costly repairs, which could have easily been avoided, with prior regular maintenance service. Autoclave users around New York, New Jersey, and CT are luckily able to avail of the experience and knowledge that Medicanix has. For years Medicanix has lead in autoclave maintenance services, by serving our customers with timely, quality, effective, consistent preventive maintenance services. Time and time again we have found that if the maintenance needs of a sterilizer go neglected, failures start to occur and when an autoclave breaks down it can often come with very inconvenient timing.

If you are NOT in Medicanix Service area, find a local autoclave service provider near you that you can trust. Make sure they have factory technicians who have years of experience working on all sterilizers of all makes and especially the major brands such as Midmark-Ritter, Pelton Crane or Tuttnauer.

When inquiring about an onsite planned maintenance service be sure they are efficient and trustworthy. You do not what your sterilizer service provider replacing unnecessary parts which will increase the cost of the maintenance unnecessarily. In most cases, door gaskets, filters, safety valves are the most common items that wear out and need periodic replacement. Remember the more questions you ask the better off you will be

Where to Get Autoclave Replacement Parts:

At Medicanix our customer service orientated background has taught that it is extremely important to have decent quality parts in stock. We carry a large inventory of both OEM and aftermarket autoclave parts. We prefer to use OEM replacements for our repairs however there are times when the manufacturer no longer supports the sterilizer we have no choice but to use aftermarket parts. Be sure your sterilizer maintenance company has preventive maintenance kits, common repair parts in stock and also have a loaner autoclave with them so that your maintenance or autoclave repair does not get delayed.

Although we carry many, many parts with us, we cannot claim to have everything which is why our free loaner service is an excellent way to keep up and running while a parts order is awaited for.