Use, Care and Maintenance of a Microscope

The microscope is a valuable instrument so the care and maintenance of it is highly important.  There are many small objects or details of objects which cannot be seen by the unaided human eye.  The microscope magnifies the image of such objects thus making them visible to the human eye.… Read more

Are Your Biomedical Inspection Stickers up to Date?

Recently one of our clients had a patient who was about to cancel their surgery procedure when an out-of-date- Electrical Safety Inspection sticker caught their eye.  As it turns out, the equipment was up to date and the old sticker had not been removed, however, this just proves that no one can be too careful when it comes to patient safety, and your patients are far more observant than you think!… Read more

Troubleshooting & Understanding Hospital Monitors

Vital Signs Monitor – The Most Important Device in the Hospital Understanding Hospital Monitors is something all medical professionals and health care providers must know. Whether it be for a stress test, planned surgery, emergency room admittance, or even the dispensing of prescription drugs, collecting the vital signs of each patient and monitoring this critical information is the most important data prior, during, and after any medical procedure.… Read more

What You Should Know for Electrical Safety Check on Medical Equipment

Whether you are an Accredited Nursing Facility, State Registered Rehabilitation Center, or a Government Funded Hospital Foundation, an Electrical Safety Check on Medical Equipment is mandatory in order to maintain  appropriate Certification.   Why You Need an Electrical Safety Check With insurance liabilities being a daily threat, having your equipment in proper working order and correctly grounded  is essential for your facility’s protection, not only financially, but to protect your reputation and patients.… Read more

Why the Sterilization Process requires an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cross-contamination is a real issue,  and every precaution must be taken! An instrument that is dirty cannot be properly sterilized.  If you were to just place a dirty instrument in a sterilizer with our first cleaning the risk factor is that bacteria and viruses will be shielded by the soil on the surface of the instrument. … Read more

The Scary Truth About Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

What is Hand Foot and Mouth? Hand Foot and Mouth is a highly contagious infection caused by the coxsackievirus. The biggest culprit?……Unwashed hands! Our hands are the most common part of the body to spread germs. That is why is it critical that we wash our hands routinely throughout the day, and especially after we use the bathroom.… Read more

Why is Veterinary Scale Calibration Necessary

Veterinary scale calibration is very important to ensure accurate weight is recorded for dispensing of medications, no different to that of humans. Precision is key when it comes to medical equipment. Calibration and regular service maintenance is all part of running an efficient Veterinary practice.… Read more

Hydrocollator Cleaning and Maintenance

How to give Your Hydrocollator the Care it Requires.   The question often arises How can I maintain my Hydrocollator? Keeping up with the unit’s maintenance is a sure way to prevent the unit from deteriorating and becoming unsanitary looking, eventually leading to malfunction.… Read more
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