Repairing Medical Exam Tables and Chairs

At What Point is my Medical Exam Table Too Old to Repair? When an older medical power table malfunctions, the question is often asked, is it still worth repairing? The question really should be; Do newer model tables have enough improved features to justify the investment?… Read more

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine Service Guide

Maintenance for veterinary anesthetic machines is often overlooked.  Being proactive with your maintenance can avoid problems, is to institute a regular maintenance schedule for all machines and equipment. Below you will find technical advice and maintenance tips that will extend the life of your equipment.… Read more

Muscle Simulator not Working and "Shocking" Patients

Have you ever had your patients complain that the muscle simulator you use is “shocking” them? To make things even worse, the problem is intermittent. The unit works fine with some patients but not with others. This makes you wonder if it is just an oversensitive patient, or if is it the machine that is not working.… Read more

What to expect with Dentsply Cavitron Repairs

What do you do for Dentsply Cavitron Repairs? When your Dentsply Cavitron is in need of a repair, you may find that your local dental equipment service provider will not be able to fix it. The result often ends with sending it away to Dentsply Cavitron for repair, utilizing their Cavitron Care service.… Read more

Invacare Oxygen Concentrator is Beeping, What Does It Mean?

When your patient’s oxygen concentrator will not stop beeping what should you do? Invacare oxygen concentrators have an audible alarm which is a safety feature.  The Invacare Oxygen Concentrator will Beep for any one of the following reasons: Loss of power User error System failing to produce enough Oxygen Lack of oxygen flow The unit is overheated There is little red green and yellow LED lights on the front panel of the concentrator which will help you distinguish what problem may be occurring.… Read more

What makes surgical lights different than conventional lights?

Have you ever wondered what is so special about surgical lights? Why can’t conventional lights be used for surgery? To understand what make surgical lights different than conventional lights, here are a few things you should know: Conventional Lighting and problems with Color Temperature, Heat, and Shadows: Conventional lights don’t produce a very high character of ‘whiteness’.… Read more