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Dental Equipment Repair Services

Dental Air Compressor Repairs

Emergency dental air compressor loaner service while preforming a repair is an excellent way that Medicanix can keep your dental practice running during an air compressor malfunction. Dental Air compressors tolerate long hours of use and the air compressor is a vital part of the dental office equipment, unless the practice has a back-up air compressor, the entire dental practice comes to a standstill if the air compressor stops working

Dental Autoclave Services

Steam Autoclave and Sterilizer repair service for New York, Connecticut and New Jersey is a service Medicanix has over 30 years experience with. Medicanix loaner sterilizer enables you to continue sterilizing your instruments while your autoclave is being repaired. Don’t let a sterilizer malfunction hold you and your practice from your patients.

Our technicians are factory trained and work on all sterilizers makes and models such as Midmark-Ritter, Tuttnauer, Sci-Can and Pelton & Crane tabletop autoclaves. Please be sure you are located within our service area and call 800 We Repair to receive high quality emergency sterilizer service

Dental Suction Pump Services

Emergency dental Suction Pump repair and maintenance services. When your dental suction pump goes down your dental practice stops. What can be more frustrating or even at times panicky than turning away your patients due to an equipment malfunction such as a broken down suction pump. Medicanix offers both onsite dental light repair and free loaner suction pumps while pumps that may need more of an extensive repair such as motor replacement or if a part is needed to be ordered you can still work.

Dental Chair Services

Dental Chair and delivery system service for New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Medicanix repairs many different makes and model dental chairs, units and delivery systems. There many moving parts with in and dental delivery system and repairs can require a technician that has experience or excellent technical ability.

Cavitron Repairs

Medicanix provides Cavitron and Ultrasonic Scaler repair services. Medicanix has loaner ultrasonic scalers for their customers while their Cavitron/Ultrasonic Scaler is being repaired. Medicanix has access to many replacement parts for Dentsply/Cavitron, Southeast Instruments, Parkell and many other brands of ultrasonic scalers.

Preventive Maintenance

Just like your patients teeth needing a once a year cleaning, so does your dental equipment need maintenance. Medicanix offers a simple annual preventive maintenance program for the 3 most vital and problematic equipment every dental office has, the Air Compressor, the Suction Pump and the Autoclave


Dental equipment gets used heavily and problems do arise, such as Suction lines clogging, Air Compressor failures, Air & Water lines Leaking, Dental lights stop working right, and autoclave breakdowns. We understand that in order a dentists to keep his or her practice prosperous, they need; working, well maintained and reliable equipment.

About Medicanix

Medicanix Inc is a medical equipment repair service company that was founded in 1982. Our biomedical equipment technicians service medical equipment repairs on a wide array of equipment such as autoclaves, sterilizers, power exam tables, EKG machines, and many various types of physician office equipment.

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