Learn More about our Medical Equipment Repair Services

Finding medical equipment repair that is near you is sometimes not easily achieved especially if you are exist in a location with limited options. You can try Google which is probably how you landed here, but the question is: how do you find the smaller and independent repair companies that may not have any online presence?

If you are located in the Tri-State area of New York, Connecticut and northern New Jersey, you’re in luck as you can rely on Medicanix for repair and maintenance!

Otherwise, the best thing to do is call the manufacturer of your malfunctioning device and ask for a list of nearby medical equipment repair companies. Most major medical equipment manufacturers (such as Midmark) have databases of independent service providers, and should be able to provide you a few options for your area.

If your equipment is no longer supported and/or the manufacturer that is out of business, try a manufacturer that currently makes similar devices to yours and ask them who they use to support their equipment. Once you have a few choices, you’ll need to pick one that is right for you and to do that you should know: What to Look for In a Medical Equipment Repair Company.