This question often comes up, “How should the vinyl on the medical exam table be cleaned?”

The trick to cleaning the exam table is to find the balance between bacteria-killing solutions, and one that will not damage the vinyl.

  • Cleaners containing bleach or strong germ-killing solutions can be very hard on vinyl. Too often commercial cleaning products have caused the vinyl to become discolored and brittle. This causes the vinyl to crack and allow bacteria to penetrate the padding.
  • Dish detergents have been designed to cut grease and food bacteria while being gentle on the skin. It will be equally effective on your Medical Table Vinyl Upholstery.
  • Another solution is to mix Baking Soda with water to a paste consistency and rub very gently in a circular pattern. Rubbing too hard can damage the finish on the vinyl and start to remove the color.
  • A third solution is Goo-Gone. Again, used with care and gentle rubbing, this will not only clean but also remove the sticky residue from things like tape.
  • Pen and marker stains are very difficult to remove and unfortunately all too often permanent. Getting them right away is the trick, by using the methods mentioned above.


A Couple of Practical Hints on How Should the Vinyl on the Medical Exam Table be Cleaned

  • Body oils and makeup also play a part in the vinyl becoming brittle. The face paper does a lot to help, however, there is a remedy to extend the life of the cushions. And extra sleeve of vinyl upholstery can be attached to the base on top of the existing cushion. (you often see this on work-out equipment) When the sleeve breaks down, you simply replace that, and the cushion stays intact. This project can be done at the same time you service your power table as you may have to remove the cushions for easy access.
  • If your table has clear vinyl protective covers, these are often attached by Velcro which doesn’t always hold the cover in place, or the Velcro comes apart. To remedy this, use a staple gun to set the new clear vinyl in place, pulling gently for a snug fit. You don’t need a lot of staples and can easily replace these when necessary. The recommended gauge for a clear vinyl cover is 16 and it comes on a roll 52”-54” inches wide.


How To Clean the Vinyl on Your Medical Exam Table?