Is your Dental Chair worth reupholstering?  

If your chair’s controls are all functioning normally and it is in sound mechanical shape, the answer is YES! With a good cleaning and fresh upholstery, your Dental Chair can look new again!

Upholstery that is used on dental chairs, is very often attached to the foam as a unit to hold the curves and contours. Unless you are purchasing an upholstery package from the manufacturer factory replacement or a company that makes aftermarket packages, you may want to contact your local service provider to be sure this is a project you are up for.  It would also be a good time to also have some maintenance and get your dental chair serviced.

3 Ways to Install New Vinyl Upholstery on a Dental Chair:

1) Purchase a set of the manufacturer’s factory replacement cushions:

Many dental chair manufacturers sell replacement cushions for their more current model chairs.  These upholstery sets can be pricey but are good value. Being made in a factory they are normally good quality and they usually fit perfectly.  However, there are some setbacks to going this route.

The first is the limited color selection.  Most dental chair manufacturers limit their selection of colors.

The second is availability:  There is normally replacement tops available for more current model chairs, but if your chair is over 5 or 10 years old there is a good chance that the replacement top for your chair in no longer available.  So if you plan on using your chair for awhile it would be a good idea to purchase an extra replacement top and store it away for awhile while it is still available for purchase.

Check with the manufacturer of your dental chair if they are still in business, if they can no longer offer you the color you desire or no longer carry the replacement cushions, you will have to try one of the following methods to get your dental chair recovered.

2) Buy a set of pre-stitched fabric to recover the cushions that are on the chair:

There are companies that do offer pre-stitched vinyl to recover existing cushions.  Then there are pros and cons of this method also:

Firstly pre-stitched vinyl just might be more challenging to install than you realize – you could try purchasing the kit and have your dental chair repair tech install them for you, but overall this is an expensive way to go.

The cheapest option, of course, is to try and install them yourself, however, this can take up your valuable time and may not turn out quite as satisfactory as your pleased to have.  If you have the time, all the tools power staplers and skilled at working with your hands then, by all means, you could have a go at it.


3)  Get a local dental and medical upholstery repair specialist to recover it.

This option may not be a factory job but offers the most flexibility of options:

You can choose any color of dental chair upholstery.

It doesn’t matter what the make, model, or how old your dental chair is because the job is custom any chair can be recovered.

If foam on the chair is worn out it can be replaced.

If you desire a softer material, plus leather you have to option to upgrade.

The other benefit of having a local dental chair service repair and maintenance company do the work, they are more familiar with how the chair is assembled so the job is done right and reassembled properly.

Another Thought:

What about your doctor’s stools and assistant’s chairs? For aesthetics, it’s an inexpensive extra to have the Dental Suite matching.

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