If you are retiring, selling your practice out to a larger group, upgrading or downsizing your office, you likely have some used medical or dental equipment you are looking to off-load. Getting rid of used medical and dental equipment can have its challenges.

A prime example is used x-ray equipment, which does not hold much value these days with most switching to digital technology. Panoramic and some older x-ray systems can be heavy and require disassemble in order to be removed. These are services Medicanix can provide.

Used medical tables are also heavy and not easily moved. Items such as ceiling mounted examination lights are installed and hardwired which can require skills and tools for removing them. Equipment such as dental units are connected to service lines which may require a service professional to cap them off once they are removed.

Likely your equipment supplier is not interested in offering you any trade in value, they often charge you to remove the equipment. In many cases the doctor is inclined to continue to use equipment right up until the day of the arrival of the new equipment, this way there is no lapse in patient schedules and practice revenue. These are services Medicanix can assist with. If the equipment that needs disposed of holds value, we may be able to offer cash for it. If the resale value is not very substantial we sometimes can take if off your hands for free, or if need be remove it for a fee.

Each circumstance varies with the equipment’s location, size, and weight and resale value. To find out what your equipment might be worth take some photos and email them to: [email protected]