How to give Your Hydrocollator the Care it Requires.

The question often arises, “How can I clean and maintain my Hydrocollator?” Keeping up with cleaning a Hydrocollator and doing the maintenance is a sure way to prevent the unit from deteriorating and becoming unsanitary looking, and eventually leading to malfunction. A few simple steps can keep your Hydrocollator in good working order. You can follow these same steps for Chattanooga or Whitehall Hydrocollators.


How often should I change the water and how do I clean the Hydrocollator and do other regular maintenance?

Changing the water once a week is recommended. Use bottled, or purified water as tap water contains chlorine. Always unplug the unit before changing the water. After draining the water, it is a good time to clean the tub.

A vinegar and water mixture are recommended to clean the stainless steel and remove any rust buildup.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine as chlorine will damage the stainless steel. Do not use stiff brushes or steel wood as you will damage the finish. Be sure all rust is removed to avoid staining the packs.

Always maintain a proper water level and temperature. The water should cover the packs – be sure to never let the hydrocollator packs dry out.


What is wrong with the water in the Hydrocollator?

If the water is not getting hot enough, the Thermostat or Heating Element may be the cause.

If the water is boiling, the hydrocollator temperature may be set to high or the Thermostat needs to be replaced.

Note: Boiling can break down the hydrocollator packs and shorten their life. The optimal temperature is 160.

If the water is becoming cloudy, you will need to check the packs for leakage, or the lack of Hydrocollator cleaning and maintenance may not be completed often enough.


Hydrocollator Cleaning and Maintenance