When your patient’s oxygen concentrator will not stop beeping what should you do? Invacare oxygen concentrators have an audible alarm which is a safety feature.  The Invacare Oxygen Concentrator will Beep for any one of the following reasons:

  • Loss of power
  • User error
  • System failing to produce enough Oxygen
  • Lack of oxygen flow
  • The unit is overheated

There is little red green and yellow LED lights on the front panel of the concentrator which will help you distinguish what problem may be occurring.

The following will help you discern what the problem may be:

1) Alarm is sounding but no light are on.

This is a power loss.  Try unplugging and re-plug the unit in, if this doesn’t work be sure the breaker switch on the front of the machine is not tripped.  If that does not work plug something else into the outlet you have the oxygen concentrator plugged into to see if there is power at the outlet

If none of these those suggestions take care of the problem you may have a bad power cord, bad switch, or some wiring came loose, call your repairman.


2) Alarm is sounding and the Red light is on.

This may also be a power issue so try the suggestions in step one.  If those to not fix it, it could be your cabinet filters are clogged and you unit is overheated.  Remove and clean the cabinet filters located on the side of the Oxygen concentrator.  After that you may need to wait a few minutes until the Invacare oxygen concentrator cools before it will come back on again.


3) Alarm is beeping and the Green light is on

This is caused by lack of oxygen flow.  Check to make sure the flow meter is turned up enough (has to be above .5 L/min).  Another common problem is that something is blocking your line or it is kinked, be sure the line is not kinked and free of all obstructions, also be sure the line is clear and not clogged with debris.


4) Yellow or Red Light Illuminated:

Start by checking all everything in the first 3 steps and if you still are not having any success with clearing the alarm, it is likely the oxygen purity level is not sufficient or the concentrator has an internal leak.

The concentrator has to produce an O2 level of over 92%.  This can be measured with an oxygen sensor. If the Concentrator is delivering under 92% oxygen it is possible that the sieve beds need replaced, call your local medical equipment repair company to have repair this or it may be time to purchase a new oxygen concentrator.


5) The Green with Yellow light is flashing:

This means there is a problem inside the machine, only a service provider will be able to help you.