As economies change, budgets also do accordingly. Often equipment planned or preventive maintenance (PM Service) is often one of the first things to go when budgets get cut down. The question is, is it really a savings to stop or even skip preventative maintenance services?

Making Economical sense with Preventive Maintenance Services:

Let’s start out by saying that preventive maintenance is not recommended for everything, the replacement value of the equipment has to be enough to make the time and money worthwhile but replacement value is not the only factor that gauges what needs preventive maintenances, the nature and type of equipment has to have enough moving parts or parts that are liable of wearing out.

Another factor is the amount or usage the equipment gets, this may vary on how frequently the maintenance should be performed. Another consideration that should not be overlooked is the value of your equipment’s downtime if say a planned maintenance service could have avoided a now malfunctioning item that needs an expensive emergency repair.

Something else that varies is the condition and environment that the equipment is being used in. You take a steam sterilizer in a hospital or surgery center for example. Some hospitals in New York City use their steam supply from the city which is very wet and can cause valves and seals to wear out faster, on the other hand a hard water supply to a steam generator can create mineral build up and cause a different effect on the equipment’s heaters and heater cores. So very often the condition that the equipment if expected to work in is far from perfect and can vastly vary from location to location.

One last scrutinizing factor is: are you utilizing the scope of services that your service provider can provide you all on the same service visit? An example may be a veterinary office that needs their Vaporizers calibration checked periodically (a service that must be performed), well on that same service visit they also could use the opportunity for getting their autoclave serviced and maybe their microscope cleaned as well. This cuts down on travel costs making the maintenance cost lower per item.

Scrutinizing your PM Service:

The company you choose to preform your PM Service can have a huge effect on whether it is servicing you economically. As Forbes Magazine once pointed out: “One out of every three dollars spent on preventive maintenance is wasted.” We believe that statement can vastly vary if the services that are being done to the machine are not having an effect on its performance. Certain parts that be replaced year after year and may have never gone bad in the first place. Many times the emergency repair that was avoided by preforming a PM Service goes unknown. You also need to consider your equipment’s downtime during the PM service, many articles of capital medical equipment are money makers and a service that takes too long to preform may have a worse effect that if the service was not performed at all. You have to analyze you’re the service you are getting and weather it is really paying off.

Let the Professionals (Medicanix) evaluative your PM Program

Most of the time Hospitals and Medical Centers would like to downsize or reduce what they are spending on PM’s but not too sure what to do or how to go about it. This can be done by looking into the history of your maintenance work but when the information is not available that you will need or you are not too sure how to evaluate the data you do have, get some professional help setting up a suitable program – and Medicanix has a wealth of experience draw on for doing so.