Midmark/Ritter exam chair is leaking oil fluid and making noise is a common issue with this equipment. There are some steps you can take before needing to call a technician to fix the issue.

Firstly, you need to determine where the oil/fluid is coming from and how fast it is leaking. If you wipe up the oil and keep using the chair you can then determine if the oil seeps out again quickly or if it takes a few days to reappear. If your oil leak is slow the likelihood is you have a bad cylinder.

If it is a fast leak it is probably a blown hose. There is usually 3 or 4 cylinders in a Ritter table so finding where the oil is coming from will help discern which cylinder or hose will need replacement. If the motor is making a louder noise than usual it is likely low on oil. You can refill the table with standard mineral oil but if you have an oil leak you will likely drain it out and the noise will just reoccur.

Find the model and serial number of the chair. Midmark/Ritter exam chair model numbers are a three digit suffix and the serial number usually has a two character prefix. This is normally located on a label under the chairs backrest.

If your chair is a model 119, 319, 111, 317,117 or a Ritter 75 Evolution the factory will tell you that the chair is no longer supported and there is no more parts available for them. However, there are other aftermarket suppliers that still carry many of the common parts that wear out such as cylinders, hoses and switches.

Medicanix stocks many of the parts for these tables so you if your have all this information handy when you call us (800-937-3724) it will help us pinpoint the problem and eliminate us have to make more than one trip to rectify the problem.