Medicanix Inc. offers installation, relocation services for sterile processing equipment. Our company installs both new and refurbished sterilizers. Medicanix works directly with sterilizer manufactures to coordinate the delivery and rigging, installation, and removal of older equipment.

In order to install a new sterilizer in a location where there had not been one previously, several technical engineering questions need to be answered. The energy source must be determined. This might be electricity or building steam. Related to this is the speed requirements and purpose. If large quantities of water need to be sterilized for laboratory use, more energy will be needed than processing instruments.

After analysis of the needs, and discussion with the manufacturer’s sales engineers, a plumbing and electrical plan will need to be created and the building space will need to be prepared with water, steam, electrical and drain pipes in locations suitable for the specific equipment to be installed. Water quality is another item not to be overlooked. Hard water is very detrimental to steam generators, but is an item that is spectral. That is, the harder the water the more intensive the maintenance requirements will be.

Building HVAC requirements will also need to be reviewed. Plans will be needed regarding transport, delivery, rigging and installation. That is, analyzing the requirements related to simply dealing with outdoor access, stairways, doorways and similar obstacles impeding locating the sterilizer in the desired position. Medicanix’s engineers are experienced an all facets of this work.

Equipment Replacements and Decommissioning

Relocation services for removal of obsolete equipment can be as involved as the installation of new equipment, especially if the space needs to be cleared of piping, if other equipment now blocks the egress, and if finished floors &c need to be protected. Replacement equipment may require modifications to the plumbing and electrical infrastructure. Advance notice of this will surely be appreciated by the staff relying on the sterilization equipment.