If all the functions on your Midmark 417 or 416 podiatry chair have stopped working or each function moves but only in short segments forcing you to keep pushing the control to make it move, you may want to try re initializing the chair’s program. Some of the older Midmark podiatry chairs are notorious for this problem where the podiatry chair program gets corrupted and needs to be reinitialized.

This procedure may or may not rectify the problem but it is worth trying before calling for a service visit.

Note: We suggest that you only attempt this procedure if you are experiencing trouble with your chair, if you attempt this procedure to a chair that is functioning normally it will lose all its programmed memory settings.

  1. Make sure the PROGRAM button is depressed.
  2. On the chair’s hand or foot control press and hold: PROGRAM, POSITION “1”, and POSITION “2” for two seconds and release. Note: the next step will make each function move to its fullest position so be sure that any obstructions, walls etc. are clear from its path of movement.
  3. Press and Release the AUTORETURN button. (Each function will move for 18 seconds which will ensure that it has reached its home position. If each function did not run the full 18 seconds then the procedure did not work and needs to be reattempted)
  4. Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, then re-plug in the power cord and test the chair.
  5. If this re-initialization did not rectify the problem you will need to contact Medicanix for an onsite service visit for further diagnosis. Click here to learn more about our Podiatry Chair Repair Services.
  6. If the re-initialization procedure rectified your problem you will then need to reprogram the chairs position memory settings.