Power Table manufacturer Midmark Ritter has decided to stop supporting many of their items manufactured between 1977 and 2005. This is due to Midmark Ritter Ending Production. On July 1st 2015 Midmark will no longer offer any parts for the following model numbers:

Midmark/Ritter Tables: 109 115 305 307 413 414 415 418

Midmark Lights: 354-002 354-003 354-005 355-001 355-003 355-004
354-011 354-018 355-005 355-006 355-011

Midmark/Ritter Sterilize: M7 001 thru to 010

However, just because Midmark Ritter Ending Production doesn’t mean Medicanix doesn’t still has access to various parts for these models. We also have the service manuals for these models which will help us troubleshoot and preform repairs even when factory support is not available! Let us help you extend the life of your chair, light or table by giving us a call today!