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Repairing Medical Exam Tables and Chairs

At What Point is my Medical Exam Table Too Old to Repair? When an older medical power table malfunctions, the question is often asked, is it still worth repairing? The question really should be; Do newer model tables have enough improved features to justify the investment?… Read more

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine Service Guide

Maintenance for veterinary anesthetic machines is often overlooked.  Being proactive with your maintenance can avoid problems, is to institute a regular maintenance schedule for all machines and equipment. Below you will find technical advice and maintenance tips that will extend the life of your equipment.… Read more

Importance of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Amalgam Separator

Why it is so Important To Maintain Your Amalgam Separator Amalgam separators are simple, non-mechanical devices that sit within the drainage systems of dental practices. As their name implies, the purpose of an amalgam separator is to trap dental waste and separate it from wastewater that can then be safely disposed of.… Read more

Are you in Compliance with Joint Commission’s Sterilizer Requirements

Does Your Sterilizer Comply with the Joint Commission’s new Sterilizer Printers / Recorder Requirement? Preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is a top priority in healthcare today, as evidenced by The Joint Commission’s January 2019 new requirement that all accredited facilities must have a sterilizer printer in place by the end of August 2019 to help reduce the staggering number of healthcare-associated infections.… Read more

Are Your Biomedical Inspection Stickers up to Date?

Recently one of our clients had a patient who was about to cancel their surgery procedure when an out-of-date Electrical Safety Inspection biomedical inspection sticker caught their eye. As it turns out, the medical equipment was up to date and the old biomedical inspection stickers had not been removed.… Read more