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Podiatry Equipment Service

Podiatry equipment service for New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Has your podiatry chair stopped working, or your whirlpool, or maybe your foot x-ray will not fire and x-ray? Medicanix can help by evaluating and repairing your podiatry equipment. We can even fix older podiatry chairs where parts are scarce like DMI or PDM chairs. We also have access to parts for newer brands such as Midmark, MTI, and Hill. A couple things we may be able to repair in your podiatry office are:

• Autoclave & Sterilizer
• Podiatry Whirlpool Repair
• Surgery/Exam Light
• Podiatry Chair Podiatry
• Ultrasound Muscle Stimulation
• Machine Cast Cutter/ Vacuum System
• X-Ray
• X-Ray Processor

Call today to find out more – and do not let any malfunctioning podiatry equipment hold up your practice.