If the footrest is not moving on a Midmark table it is a common problem that many can sometimes be easily solved. The foot rest on Ritter table not moving is common. If your Midmark table is a Ritter 75 Evolution or a Midmark 75L (models: 111, 119, 319, 411) and its footrest suddenly stopped moving, it is possible that your pull out pan which is located between your table stirrups is not fully engaged or pushed in all the way.

There is a limit switch located at the back of this pan drawer that is activated only when the pan is pushed entirely in. If this switch in not engaged it will disable the power to the footrest cylinder and the foot rest on Ritter table will not move. Something the pan may look like it is pushed in but if it is not fully engaged it is possible that it is not contacting the pan switch.

So simply push on the pan to ensure that it is in entirely and then try to activate the foot rest. If the footrest does not continue to move you may want to then call a technician for further help to rectify the problem.