The cassette for your Statim 2000 or 5000 keeps leaking. You have even tried replacing the cassette seal and you even purchased a whole new cassette and it still leaks. If this is the problem you are experiencing with your Statim sterilizer you possibly have one of the following problems with your unit.
1) Check the cassette for leaks
Examine the cassette, be sure you have installed the seal correctly. Also be sure you have removed all rust and corrosion from the cassette. If the cassette is worn out you may want to try purchasing a new cassette.
2) Be sure you do not have a bent Thermocouple.
The Thermocouple protrudes out from one of the cassette ports that your cassette has to seal against. Get a flashlight and shine it into the pocket where the cassette slides into. In the back left corner you will see 2 stainless ports. The port on the left should have the thermocouple sticking out if it (it should look like a small stainless-steel rod about a 1/16th of an inch in diameter). If this is bent over or partially broken the cassette will never seal against the port which will cause it to leak. Generally this thermocouple cannot be straightened back out without breaking it, if it is bent it will likely have to be replaced and re-calibrated.
3) The unit’s cassette ports are out of alignment and need to be realigned.
Realigning cassette ports can be very tricky. You will need to have a realignment tool as well as a lot of patience. If you have a unit needing to be realigned, you can send it and the cassette to Medicanix for repair.