At What Point is my Medical Exam Table Too Old to Repair?
When an older medical power table malfunctions, the question is often asked, is it still worth repairing? The question really should be; Do newer model tables have enough improved features to justify the investment? When you break it all down, there are only so many bells and whistles that can be added in order to improve the functionality of a power medical table.
Ask yourself, are the added new and improved features going to benefit me or my patients? Improvements such as new cushions with softer upholstery can add patient comfort they may appreciate, while visiting your practice. However, older medical tables and chairs can also be reupholstered with new softer material.
Another consideration is that new tables are programmable, which benefits the practitioner over the patient. These new programmable features are nice, however the flip side is, they also come with added electronics that complicate and increase future repair costs. Generally, the simpler something is the cheaper it is to maintain.

Cons of Repairing Medical Procedure Chairs
There are downsides to repairing older medical chairs. One is that many of them are powered with hydraulic oil. This can be an issue when the oil leaks which can cause a mess. Although we are able to clean such a mess, the delay between the leak and when we arrive on site may cause a slippery exam room floor. Another downside of older chairs is the sound they make when powered. This noise is associated with the moving parts. It is best practice to have these moving parts maintained in order to reduce the noise.

Pros of Repairing Medical Procedure Chairs
Many replacement parts are still available for medical tables that are over 30 years old or even older! Repairing these old chairs is often the most cost beneficial option. Even though the manufacturer is either out of business or has discontinued many of the parts, there are many common parts that can be sourced from aftermarket suppliers. Contact us with your chair’s model and serial number to make sure the parts are available prior to having your chair serviced.

Extend your Medical Table’s Life with Maintenance
As with all medical equipment, maintenance is paramount and is a sure way to extend its lifespan. At Medicanix, we recommend an Annual Preventative Maintenance Service for power medical exam table and chairs. Our highly trained technicians will check all the components and parts to ensure a continued good working condition. Upon completion, they will thoroughly wipe down the table’s upholstery. For tips on how to properly clean your upholstery visit:

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