The following lists for all the Tuttnauer Error Codes and their meanings for the Autoclave Series:

1730E, 1730EK, 2340E,2340EA, 2340EK, 2340EKA, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EH, 2540EHS, 2540EK, 2540 EKA, 3870E, 3870EA, 3870EH, 3870EHS, EZ9, EZ10

This message is displayed when either the water level in the reservoir is below the Water Level Sensor, or if the Water Level Sensor malfunctions. The “Add Water” Indicator light should be lit as well when receiving this error. This error may appear often if you are not filling the reservoir to the proper water level. If the reservoir is full and you are still getting this error, call for service.

This error means there is not enough water in the chamber to complete the cycle.

This is often caused by three common malfunctions:
1. A dirty or shorting Chamber Water Level Sensor, also called a Water Electrode.
2. A clogged line or a clog in the Water Pump.
3. A steam or water leak from things like a cracked Door Gasket, rusted fittings, or the Safety Valve and Air Jet releasing more steam than normal.

If scrubbing the Water Level Sensor does not fix the issue, call for service.

This error means the temperature inside the chamber did not climb to sterilization levels after 50 minutes for wrapped and unwrapped cycles, or 80 minutes for the liquid cycle.

Often this message indicates air is getting tapped inside  the chamber, but voltage and heater issues can also be culprit. It is best to have a certified technician check your unit when receiving this error.

LOW PRES Tuttnauer Error Codes
This error means the pressure inside the chamber dropped 4 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) below the set pressure while sterilizing.

There are many things that can cause this. Make sure there is sufficient water in the autoclave chamber. If so, have the unit checked with a certified technician.

HI TEMP Tuttnauer Error Codes
This error indicates the temperature inside the chamber climbed 9°F higher, or more, than is needed to maintain sterilization.

Short circuits can often cause this error, though it also commonly results from a bad Temperature Sensor, a far less serious issue. Call a technician to assist in determining which malfunction is occurring.

HI PRES Tuttnauer Error Codes
This error means the pressure inside the chamber rose 10 PSI above what is needed to sterilize. WARNING: The Safety Valve may be triggered at this point releasing a large amount of very hot steam.

Like the HI TEMP error, this error may also be caused by a short circuit. Another possible reason for this error is miss-calibration, where the set temperature of the autoclave has been changed to be higher than 274°F. If you receive this error, call for service.

MAN STOP Tuttnauer Error Codes
This message is displayed when the stop button is pressed during a cycle.

RENEW WATER Tuttnauer Error Codes
This message means the water in the reservoir needs refreshed. Drain the old water and make sure to fill the reservoir with clean distilled water.

This message indicates the autoclave shut down in the middle of a cycle. Upon reactivation, it will attempt to complete the cycle. If unable, the sterilizer will cancel the cycle.

This error means the Door Button has not been pressed by the autoclave door. The autoclave will be unable to run a cycle unless the door reaches and presses down on the Door Button. Press the start button to continue once the door is secure.

This error will also appear if the door opens during the cycle, through the Cycle Fail light will blink on as well. If your door is tightened down all the way, it is possible your Door Switch needs replaced.

This message will appear to let the operator know the chamber is filling with water.

This message appears once a cycle has run to completion.