Veterinary Equipment Maintenance Special Offer

Get Three Items Serviced at One Price $499*

What Do You Get:

  • Autoclave calibration and preventative maintanence
  • Anesthesia servicing and vaporizer calibration check
  • Microscope cleaning and lubrication
What We Do and Why This Service:
  • Vaporizer Calibration Checks: It is important to be administering the correct dosage of anesthesia to the animal being treated. We will pressure test and check the calibration of all you anesthesia units.
  • Autoclave & Sterilizer Maintenance: Sterilizers are vital for preventing infections & cross contamination.  By continually generating saturated steam, minerals will naturally build up inside it.  Proper maintenance and mechanical cleaning is necessary to prevent equipment failure.
  • Microscopes Cleaning: We all know how dirty a veterinary microscope can get!  A necessary cleaning is needed to properly see the specimens, and a lubrication will avoid these precision parts from malfunctioning. 
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*Parts not included in price