What do you do for Dentsply Cavitron Repairs?

When your Dentsply Cavitron is in need of a repair, you may find that your local dental equipment service provider will not be able to fix it. The result often ends with sending it away to Dentsply Cavitron for repair, utilizing their Cavitron Care service.


Using a Local Tech Service  vs.  Sending the unit off to Dentsply

Sending the unit to Cavitron is an inconvenience because they do not provide free loaners and if you ever have had experience in dealing with Dentsply, you would be aware they do not give their services away for small fees. This leads you to go back and ask your local dental equipment repair technician why he or she isn’t able to fix it?

Dentsply holds the strings very tightly for who can or can’t buy and sell their equipment and what parts they will offer for re-sale. Also for the new style Cavitron units there is not many replacement parts within them.


Repairing Older Dentsply Cavitron Units  vs  Non-repairable New Units:

Before we go into too much more detail, we will start by saying that the older Dentsply Cavitrons (that are still used in may veterinary practices) can usually be repaired with a local technician, but the newer units and what is being sold today really are not repairable by third party techs.

If the cover is removed from a new Cavitron SPS unit, what you will discover is that there is not much more than one large mother board inside that has everything connected to it. This design makes much of the unit unrepairable as many other things are this day and age. Such units are not supposed to repaired, but rather just thrown away to be purchased new.

On the other hand, the older Dentsply Cavitrons Units are repairable, because they had more replacement parts inside them such as solenoid valves, water flow controls and push button switches.


Common Problems with Dentsply Cavitrons and Remedies you may want to try:

The most common problem that occurs with Cavitrons is the hand piece cable breaks. There is not much you can do to avoid this happening it just happens from use. The cord gets twisted and the wires inside break, or else the small tubing of which the water flows gets clogged and stops up.

It used to be that when this would happen you would have to take unit in and get the cable replaced, but now the newer units have replaceable cables that just plug in.

If your Cavitron stops working, first try replacing the scaler tip. If that doesn’t rectify the problem you may try replacing the entire hand piece and cable assembly. Newer hand pieces just plug-in as mentioned, but if your unit is an older model and the cable is hardwired into the unit your local dental repair service tech should be able to replace this as there are many aftermarket supply companies that supply parts for older Dentsply Cavitrons for repairs. If your unit is newish you can try and preorder the part directly from your Dentsply dealer and then have your local tech replace it.

Other than these common issues there isn’t really much you can do for a main PC board failure, at that point you may as well purchase a new system and toss your non-working one.