What to Look for in a Medical Equipment Repair Company
Medical Equipment Repair Company

Medical Equipment Repair Companies are all across America, both small and large, but to find the best one for your particular needs, you’ll need to decide what type of “company characteristics” are the most important to you. You really need to know what to look for in a medical equipment repair company.  Medicanix services the Tri-State area of New York, Connecticut and northern New Jersey.

If you’re not in our area, have no fear! We’ve put together a short checklist below to help you what to look for in a medical equipment repair company.

As with any service, there are three common features that are most often desired by you the customer.  No medical equipment repair company to is ever able to deliver all three of these features, so it is recommended you choose two of the three that are best suited to your facility’s needs. These features are:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Speed

Price and speed

This combination is best for practices that need their equipment up and running quickly while on a budget. However, while the minimal downtime ensures the least possible disruption with seeing patients, this kind of pressure on speedy repairs can push companies to neglect their workmanship. Malfunctioning equipment could need multiple follow-up visits to correct overlooked issues with rushed repairs.

Quality and Speed

This deluxe combination is best for offices that want a job done right and simply can’t wait. However, this service usually comes with a fairly high price tag. The high overhead is necessary for a service company to afford highly qualified techs – ready to dispatch within a moment’s notice, but for those that desire lower costs, the premium cost can be difficult to abide.

Price and Quality

Everyone wants high quality work for a low price, but companies with this combination often find themselves sacrificing speed to get it. If you are able to wait until there is a service tech is in your area, or when there is a down turn in workload, one can get good quality work at discounted prices.

This is also a great reason for backup equipment, as a second device in-the-waiting will eliminate the emergency factor.  This offers the repair facilities the option of slowing the pace allowing them to use their junior (lower paid) techs and/or allow then to manage their time at their discretion.

Once you’ve determined which category best suits your facility’s needs, make sure to compare rates and available reviews. The benefit of a company structured to fit your practice will prove invaluable and relationships can be built and utilized for years. At end of the day, your perfect service provider will be just a phone call away.