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GI & Endoscopy

Endoscopy (GI) Equipment Service, Maintenance & Repair

GI Medicine and Endoscopy equipment service and repair for the New York, Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey Area is one of Medicanix many services. Endo centers often heavily use their patient transport systems and their stretchers get worn out breaks or casters needing replacement.

A broken sigmoidoscope can cause a major inconvenience to patients who have prepared for the procedure and can’t get treatment due to equipment malfunction.

Annual maintenance can help avert these issues and keep your practice running smoothly and evenly. Most Endoscopy centers also require the Annual Equipment Bio-Medical Inspection (study), which we would be more than happy to furnish a quotation to you for and extend excellent service if we do so happen to be honored enough to service your practice.

Some of our specializations are:

  • Olympus Endoscopy Equipment
  • Patient Monitors
  • Endoscope Washers
  • Pentax Endoscopy Equipment
  • Suction Pumps
  • Patient Scales
  • Stretcher Repairs
  • Sterilize
  • Instrument Washers
  • Bio-Med Inspection
  • Sigmoidoscopes