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Laboratory Equipment Repair Service & Maintenance

One of the many services Medicanix offers is lab equipment service and repair for New York, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut. Many labs have issues with equipment, such as centrifuges needing motor brush replacements or a faulty timer needing replaced, which can cause the centrifuge to stop spinning or work erratically.

Another issue is labs often sterilize liquids and glassware which can cause problems when the sterilizer vents and can making the sterilizer chamber, pipes, and valves exceptionally dirty. Often, these sterilizers need calibration and maintenance, and Medicanix would be more than happy to help. We even provide loaner service so your practice doesn’t have to slowdown. We also offer annual microscope cleaning and repair.

Our specializations in service and repair are on the following equipment:

  • Sterilizer Repair & Maintenance
  • Centrifuges
  • Microscopes
  • Instrument Washers